Photo credit: Internet
Photo credit: Internet

My ever wonderful, supportive, awesome, stunning readers!

I am short of the right adjectives to use to qualify your utmost regard since this blog kicked off in January 2016.

I am happy that you have been blessed in so many ways through this medium.

Thanks also to those who have written one or two stories on this website

By God’s providence, through a very supportive friend of this blog, Oduniyi, Olajide David, this blog has moved to a more permanent website.

The address is now:


Thanks for everything. 

1. God Almighty

2. My readers

3.  My sweet friend, son and “mentee”😋 Who God used for the payment, migrations and other website and computer me ne ne…. David, God bless your pocket in Jesus’ name. Amen

See you soon…. IN OUR NEW ROOM!


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